Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Galaxy Cafe

My workplace did takeout from Galaxy Cafe (!!!) today. I called them at some point before, asking if their soups were vegetarian. Turns out they are not, but the answer was instant from the lady I spoke to. That makes me happy.. Plus she realized that chicken broth in soup = nonveggie! Awesome. No worries though, plenty of vegetarian sides.

What I ordered: Veggie burger (their homemade pattie), with smoked gouda cheese, plus french fries. Good bun... decent pattie... (points for being homemade, of course)... gouda cheese was... well actually I forgot about it during the meal. As for the fries... nothing special... Tasted like Dog & Duck's fries. So overall I consider it a good experience.

There were two other veg options, besides the sides, etc... One was a wrap... and the other was . . . a sandwich perhaps? In general, besides the breakfast section, the menu items were burgers, wraps, and sandwiches.

Because the chocolate chip cookies inside looked insanely good, I tried to guilt them into throwing one in... you know... since we ordered so much... for the whole office.

Paul: "Wow those look really good."
Lady: "If you'd like, I can add one to your order"
Paul: (rrrrr!!! doesn't sound free)

Points for:

- local business
- decent veg options
- cool inside! (like you're in a GALAXY)
- knowledgeable phone attendant
- sweet potato fries being on the menu
- getting the large order exactly right
- great name
- veggie burger is homemade

Points off for:

- blah french fries
- and not enough of them, at that

Ok. Yes... Sure.. I know. French fries don't transport well, and after they lose their piping hotness, it's all over. I understand that this is the prevailing view. And I respect it. I feel differently. Though I still prefer the freshest fries possible, I find cold ones still edible... and for sure: my favorite fries (opal devine's), cold, are still leagues better than average fries.. even fresh.

Sounds like other people in the office generally liked their orders... One didn't expect mayo to be in her wrap.... but hey... it was clearly on the menu as such!

On the sweet potato fries.. I tried one. It was pretty decent. Generally I'm not a huge fan of the orange sweet potatoes... which is what these are made of... but I found these good nonetheless.

Try it!

So I went to Galaxy Cafe for brunch this weekend, and I must say, they have the absolutely best French Toast I've had at any restaurant ever. Also, very good grapes in their fruit salad.
I wanna go to that place. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna !!! Next time i am in Austin, someone is gonna take me there. Thinking about the description I read, I wanna try a whole bunch of their stuff. Hummm...
What's the location of it? What part of town?
Whoa, sorry. I guess in my older posts, I wasn't consistent about linking to a map. I'll update this entry ASAP. Meanwhile, Galaxy Cafe is at the corner of Brodie and Slaughter, in South Austin.
I recomend the oatmeal for breakfast- it's possibly the best I've ever had. My standard meal there is the veggie burger with the sweet potatoe fries (which I believe are one of the best foods on this planet)... so, yeah, it's fabulous!
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