Monday, July 25, 2005


Artz Rib House

Artz Rib House is the best BBQ place in Austin.

Here is the big reason: It's the only one in town that carries a veggie burger. On top of that, it's even homemade... and WAYYYY better than the ones at, say, Hut's Hamburgers. I think it may be my favorite veggie burger.

Let's run down my meal from the other day:

- Veggie burger, with smoked gouda cheese and extra lettuce
- Potato salad
- Pinto beans
- Pickle

I will ignore the pickle's mediocrity in this review. But who cares about pickles? As I was saying, the veggie burger is great. I had it from there probably... 10 times, and it's *never* been bad. Always good or better. This time it was way up there. The bread is a tasty whole wheat bun. The lettuce wasn't the pathetic iceberg shreds you get at (again) Hut's. It was healthy-looking green-leaf lettuce. As for the gouda.. Meh... not worth it. Didn't really taste it. No biggie.

Now on to the potato salad. This stuff is one of the most consistently well-made items I've had in this town.. It's always been top notch. The main points here:
- Paprika sprinkles on top
- Celery seeds scattered about
Don't like celery? As it turns out, a good friend of mine hates it, yet he's still fond of this. Anyway, it's awesome. Whenever we have some leftover at work, and I'm in the office, I eat AMAP, ASAP.

Pinto beans. If you're hostile toward black pepper, I predict you won't like the ones here. I, however, am pro black pepper. I think they also have some crushed chilis or something. [mouth waters scarily]

Oh yeah... and the BBQ sauce is great, too. I just stuck some on my spinach salad today. I was a happy man.

So make the trip to this local joint for the veggie burger and some very satisfying sides (don't forget the cole slaw). Otherwise, if (a) your meat-eating friends are craving BBQ and you're a burden, or (b) the one carnivore in the group can't stand seeing her veggie friends happy unless she's ingesting vast quantities of cow and pig, this is your place!

(Incidentally, the cow and pig are apparently pretty good here, too)

Heck, why are all these people furious about Artz's ? In what way has this rib house screwed up ? I don't dig barbecue places that much, but there's one in Houston called Southwell's that offers a veggie burger with everything you choose, including blue cheese and even jalapenos, if you go for that ! The place is really good, and I haven't heard anyone cussing it yet !!! Holy Cow !
randy, who doesn't want to make a login right now, said...

the chicken is pretty good here too
Hmm what's left... the turkey I guess? Why aren't there BBQ places with like... pheasant.. or wild boar?

By the way, sorry guys, had to delete your highly entertaining, but ultimately very incendiary posts.. =)
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I work at Artz,and I can say first hand,that quality is of the highest importance to Art and Z.They want every plate to go out not only pleasing to the eye,but also to make your dinning experiance one of the best.
Great bbq place, excellent sides (too many of our finer barbecue joints place all the focus on the meats and serve up less-than-stellar sides). For those omnivores out there, the Country-Style Pork Ribs are not to be missed.
Artzs may not be YOUR favorite, but thats fine... you can't eat at all bbq joints across the states anytime you want and like them all! Artzs is just fine and the music adds just eversomuchso... and the atmosphere is what makes Artz, well, Artz! Their menu, quality, and service are consistant. Live with it and enjoy or just move on to a fast food restaurant up the street of Barton Springs!
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