Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Sawadee Thailand

Update: New data from one more buffet visit as well as a take out lunch. For the take out at my workplace, people liked what they ordered, save a few notable exceptions. One person got a ground chicken salad... and it was quite disliked, apparently. Someone else ordered a duck soup. They really, really, really hated it, mostly because the duck had the skin on (supposedly duck skin is much more substantial than, say, chicken skin) and the greasiness level. I personally ordered the Pad Plick Pring (I think), which was pretty good... not to the point of causing me to start a new religion, but, a decent meal. Many people had the Chicken Pad Thai and liked it. As for the buffet visit, it was as good as the first visit, and even better in some ways. New items included the coconut jelly dessert (thumbs sideways), plantain egg rolls (thumbs up!), and pineapple dip for the appetizers (thumbs escaping Earth).. Even more tofu dishes, as well. I must also mention that, after we inquired about the great music that was playing (classical renditions of movie soundtracks), the wife of the ownership couple came to us and showed us the CD. They're so nice.

Original Entry:


The other day, this place was the chosen lunch destination... mainly because it's new, Thai, and near my work.... Here's how it played out:

Approached intersection of Manchaca and Stassney.
Noticed the very nice looking Laredo Bank (or something) building.
Noticed the scary facade of Sawadee Thailand. And the empty parking lot. (ok.. it was before 12)
Walked inside....

... and it was beautiful. Somehow it even smelled like my childhood.

Decent size buffet, good selection of vegetarian options (tofu & potato green curry, tofu pad thai, fried rice, egg rolls, some mixed vegetable thing.... more perhaps). The first two were especially tasty. Meat options mostly, for those wondering. Sorry.... Please realize: I *really* liked this place. I can't stress that enough.

Points for:

- local business
- tasty vegetarian options
- smell reminded me of childhood
- highly nice husband and wife owners ... apparently former techies from California
- PAD THAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Learning my first Thai word (left for you as an exercise)
- second thai buffet option in town (first being Bangkok Cuisine)

Points off for:
- Absolutely nothing

(I don't consider the facade points-off-worthy)

Ok. That was the first visit. We'll see if they vary up the buffet the next time.

Go to Sawadee Thailand!!!! Immediately! Whether you're hungry or not! Tell them you love them!

I'm not done. Good desserts, too: tapioca pudding (w/ diced taro here and there... really cool)... and also the "sweet corn custard" or something... That was great, too. In fact I shall consume one next time. There was also what I call "tapioca pudding #2".. also pretty good.

And the mints are huge.

Go. Now.

Tapioca pudding is my forte !!! If this place has good tapioca pudding as you say, then I already love it !! Yummmm, yummmm, yummmm, I want more and more and more ! Fer sure i going there, California way or not. Well, ok, Austin will do as long as it remains weird !!!
I HATE this place...I think their salads are AWFUL...atleast the one salad that I had there and the ONLY salad that I had there...NOT sawadeelicious!!!!!
I haven't had any of their salads. I suppose luckily for me, I'm usually too full from the rest of the buffet to even think about the salady stuff. Maybe I'll remember to try some next time...
the buffet was cold, and not just average to better in taste.. but cold buffet... yuck.

i've had a lot of thai food, and this sawadee's buffet left a bad taste in my mouth. might have to try an entree there sometime but i wasn't very impressed.

it's true the owners are very kind and friendly however, i always feel guilty that i didn't really enjoy my visit there
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